To manufacture high leather started Prada, in the 1920s and 1930s have been subject to European kings and nobles alike. The current clothing designer Prada specializes in playing Prada replica handbags the dual nature, so that the tip of fashion while playing with the bare shielding function, and did not feel awkward. Miu Miu is only a young deputy brand, style as cute as a little girl, named origin of considerable improvisation, everything only for the Miu Miu designer Miuccia's nickname sky. It has been criticized Miuccia seems to be the most selfish being the most fun and most enjoyable designs are placed on top of Miu Miu. In fact, everyone's criticism that is a compliment, a matter of great women designers to achieve the dream of a return to the reality of a little girl. This is rare, but also with the skill of the designer and death. In fact, the brand is also because of this young lady Prada before allowing play to enjoy the true personality of its playful spirit, work has thus become interesting.

1992, Miu Miu has launched the second-tier series of young women, in order to break through the Prada more mature side. Ensuing winter, sportswear continue swaggering, Elastic buckle design, zipper jackets, boots opt for air play; besides, feminine lace dress with butterfly tubetop and Gun side skirt campus look, styling than the main line Prada more diversified and more blatant, let me see how you choose it.

1950s fashion in the hot season, Prada is definitely a leader in this trend, from the overall shape to the details of both are retro inspired accessories. Prada "Yo-Yo" handbag that is the main push winter package section. Best replica prada "Yo-Yo" handbag is a medium handbag, made of various materials, some models use the material by mixing to form a unique color contrast. Design of models, including patent leather, patent leather + crocodile leather, shiny calfskin and patent leather shiny calfskin + and so on.

Prada and the famous Italian book publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore organized a literary creation of cross-border competition for talented writers who go to buy Replica prada handbags make stand out and encourage people to the reality of life at different angles, different levels of interpretation. "We are seen as beneficial? Lens filter and demonstrate how reality?" Metaphor through the glasses, Prada (Prada) to enter the world of the written word rather than the oral composition. It presents a creative challenge, and encourage individuals to explore different interpretations of reality. Glasses are therefore seen as a tool, is to enter a different world, especially the creative channels and windows. This game will be through literature official website, contestants must buy fake prada for sale be at least 18 years of age, each participant can only replica chanel submit one work. Entries are not limited English writing, participants can be creative in their own native language. Submission date is April 18 to June 18. Winners will be awarded 5,000 euro prize winners will be announced on December 31, 2015.